Get a Packaging Edge with Blister Packs

Blister packs are starting to enter the nutraceutical market and with good reason. Using blister packs in many cases offers better product safety and efficacy. Here’s an overview of the benefits to manufacturers and consumers:

Product protection
Capsules are sealed within their own blister cavity made of barrier film, protecting the capsule from relative humidity, oxygen and contaminants. Unlike with bottles that cause degradation each time they’re opened, with a blister pack each capsule is protected until it’s consumed. In addition, the airtight seal ensures a long shelf life and superior package performance over time.

Particularly for items that are used one at a time, having individual compartments can keep them at the ready for whenever the consumer is ready. Herbs, medications and other environmentally sensitive items may benefit from blister packaging for this reason.

Dosing matters to consumer safety and efficacy. Blister packs evenly portion out an item so that the consumer does not use too much of the product at once. It also allows the consumer to see if they’ve already taken a dose.

Products are individually sealed in blister packs, and the packs are designed to be torn in order to reach the product inside. If one of these is torn, a consumer can easily see if it’s been tampered with and stay away from it. Retailers can also easily monitor this and pull tampered products off the shelf.

Customization and marketing opportunities
Because all plastic blisters are thermoformed, every design is unique to the product being sold. Regardless of the size or number of items contained in the blister pack, it can be customized to fit the needs of the product. The printing on the pack can also be customized with branding, text, etc. And blister pack boxes offer significantly more real estate than bottles.

Faster, safer production
The blister is formed, filled and sealed on one machine, which allows for minimal exposure to external influences which could alter the properties of the product. In addition, the blister machine is a faster production process.

The bottom line
The advantages of blister packaging for many nutraceuticals, especially probiotics and digestive enzymes, are very significant and the cost of production is virtually the same.

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