5 Questions You Must Ask Your Probiotic Manufacturer

Do you manufacture probiotics or are you considering it? Making a probiotic product takes deep expertise starting with raw material procurement, the production environment, the quality control processes, the equipment used, testing along the way, and storage capacities taking it all the way through the finished product–it’s all connected. If one step gets overlooked, this could impact the entire production and the life of the probiotic. The manufacturing process for finished format probiotics in two-piece capsules is one of the most influential factors for a product’s potency, effectiveness and value.

Here are 5 questions you should ask your probiotic contract manufacturing partner:

  1. How do you control temperature and humidity throughout the entire process?
  2. How do you test and ensure viability throughout shelf life?
  3. What substantiation on each strain do you look for?
  4. Do you have finished product packaging options that will keep my probiotic moisture-free and viable?
  5. How can you help differentiate my product in the crowded probiotic category?

If you’re a brand entering the category and are not an expert in probiotics, it is best to work with a company that is. You should recognize though, that not all contract manufacturing companies have deep expertise in probiotics. The ones that do should be able to provide you with more than just a Certificate of Analysis. Many contract manufacturers claim to specialize in probiotics, but few take the necessary extra to steps to verify the quality of their probiotic ingredients and guarantee their stability through shelf-life.

At HWP, probiotics are a priority. Since its founding in 1995, the company has built its business on a quality proposition for supplements overall and probiotics specifically.

  • Our entire facility is designed to ensure we produce the highest quality, most stable formulations in the world.
  • HWP has 25+ years of experience to guide us in formulating with the right strain(s), in the right amount(s) to guarantee potency at the end of shelf life.
  • We ensure strictly-controlled ambient conditions during EVERY step of the manufacturing process, including pre- and post-production storage, to protect the probiotics from moisture, temperature variants, and humidity.
    • Our individually controlled zones that keep relative humidity at 20% and the temperature at 68 degrees to provide optimized conditions
  • All our equipment in manufacturing is pharmaceutical grade…blending, encapsulation, packaging. Bohle blending equipment. Bosch GKF encapsulation equipment. IMA Blister equipment with inline printing. All to ensure GMP compliance and product quality.
  • We test every incoming raw material for identification, potency, purity and known contaminants every lot, every time.
  • We test every finished lot for micros, heavy metals, and potency before release to ensure product quality and compliance.
  • We have deep packaging expertise and have best-in-class options for every budget, including glass bottles, CSP vials, and blister packs to ensure products meet label claim through the end of shelf life.

We are your probiotic manufacturing experts. Please contact our team with your probiotic questions.

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