Health Wright Products Expands Production to 5 Billion Capsule Capability; Adds OTC Pharmaceutical and High-Speed Capabilities

CLACKAMAS, ORE. (October 09, 2019) — Today, Oregon-based Health Wright Products (HWP) announced the completion of phase one of its expansion project to fully utilize its 165,000 square foot facility, growing to 22 encapsulation suites, including an OTC Pharmaceutical suite; increasing blending and bottling capabilities; expanding its cold storage space to 4,500 square feet and adding state-of-art and best-in-class manufacturing equipment. When the three-year expansion is totally complete, Health Wright Products will have the capability to produce over five billion capsules per year up from 1.8 billion capsules currently.

“From our inception, we’ve strived to be ahead of our customers’ technology and capacity needs and are relentless in our commitment to excellence,” said Health Wright Products founder Mark Wright. “This expansion strategically positions us to leverage our technology platforms and pharmaceutical delivery systems to enable our customers to improve their products performance either through enhanced quality systems, targeted delivery, combination products or turnkey solutions while also meeting the expectations of consumers.”

HWP uses manufacturing equipment that is pharmaceutical grade, raising the bar for quality in dietary supplements. Most recently HWP installed a new Bosch 702 filling machine to further expand on the highest quality filling capabilities in the industry. HWP’s state-of-art IMA blister machine with a HAPA printer includes tremendous speed and flexibility for printing on foil and high-speed production, allowing brands to improve recognition and uniqueness. Additional capability enhancements include liquid filling and the ability to manufacture CBD capsules.

HWP recognized the critical need for full environmental control to optimize probiotic viability and shelf stability and invested $2 million into a high-efficiency, high-volume air handling system that has individually controlled zones to keep relatively humidity at 20% and the temperatures at 68° throughout all operations. In addition, HWP recognizing the demand for on-site cold storage, now has capacity for 600 pallets to store raw materials and finished products pending distribution.

To better represent the organization’s milestones, HWP redesigned their website, featuring a streamlined design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential information to help supplement brands make informed decisions about their encapsulation partner.

“Our new website showcases our unique approach and capabilities; it presents our market intelligence, formulation know-how and approach to creating innovative and consumer-centered solutions for emerging and existing brands,” said Wright. “Regardless of the market opportunity our customers are targeting, we’ve got the team, technology, expertise and quality to deliver. Our website now reflects that.”


About Health Wright Products
Founded in 1995, Health Wright Products (HWP) is privately held and one of the most respected manufactures of encapsulated dietary supplements and nutritional products in the United States. We produce thousands of unique and complex formulas for some of the industry’s most trusted and innovative brands. HWP infuses quality into every capsule from analyzing raw materials to final product inspection and storage. Learn more at

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